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The best forest bird locality on Maui is Hosmer Grove, in Haleakala National Park. Iʻwi, ʻApapane, ʻAmakihi and Maui Creeper are virtually certain, while ʻAkohekohe (Crested Honeycreeper) is less common, and Maui Parrotbills are seen on these hikes two or three times per year.

The Nature Conservancy also offers guided hikes into Waikamoi at certain times, and the Sierra Club has work trips in the area.


For water birds, Kanaha Pond and Kealia National Wildlife Refuge should both be checked. They are in the central isthmus portion of the island.


The endangered Hawaiian Dark-rumped Petrel nests near the summit of Haleakala, and can be heard and sometimes seen returning to its burrows at night in the spring and summer. Look for Pueo as well in the open uplands on the volcano's slopes.


We should also note that the south and west coasts of Maui are perhaps the best whale-watching spots in the Islands during the months of November through April!